Land Surveying Drawings

Surveying is associated with the civil engineering industry in all stages, during design, during construction and after construction. A primary design application is laying the alignment and location of proposed structures. Surveying an area and levelling corridors to find the optimal location of linear engineering structures such as roads, bridges, canals, air fields, pipelines, power lines and such are carried out along an alignment that must first have been established on the map. Design is also associated with calculation of areas and volumes on topographical planes, maps, contours and profiles and contours. This may be used to evaluate the area of a plot of land, to calculate the earthwork in excavation, to calculate storage capacity of reservoirs and so on. During construction, surveying is applied to transfer the proposed points on design drawing onto the ground this process being called staking or setting out. The convention is to establish a reference network for construction. Horizontal reference network is constructed using a transit or traverse, by stake pegs and threads. Vertical control network consists of establishing convenient benchmarks that are tied to higher order benchmarks. A set of surveying operations are also to ensure that construction machines operate along given lines and grades. Surveying control of construction equipment may be manual, semi automatic or automatic. Manual control requires the surveyor to set up various markers so that the machine operator can constantly monitor the intended position of the working tool of his machine. Semiautomatic control requires the motion of the working tool of the machine along the lines given by the surveyors and is controlled in part by special devices and in part by machine operator. The special devices are tracking systems that can move and stabilize the tools automatically, with respect to these control systems. Under automatic control the equipment moves along lines given by engineers in the form of special guide ropes, strings, wires, visible laser beams etc. Soon after construction, surveying is also done as construction control to ascertain as built conditions and deviations from specifications. For instance, levelling is done to calculate deformations in an engineering structure or part thereof.

Our Surveying Team and Equipment

We have got a technically qualified team of Surveyors who will perform a survey your Land as per your requirement and convenience at a very competitive rates. All you need to do is contact us and fix up a schedule with us and our team will reach your place to perform the survey.
Surveying Equipments:
  • Tachometer / Theodolite 4 Nos.
  • Auto Levels/ Dumpy Levels: 4 Nos
  • Plane Tabling Instruments: 3 Nos
  • Pentium Computers: 20 Nos.
  • Plotters/Printers (for all sizes of Prints): 6 Nos.
  • Laptops: 2 Nos.
  • Tapes of different sizes: (as required)
  • Ammonia Printing Machine (for Blue Prints): 1 No.
  • Drawing Boards: 5 Nos.
  • Planimeter: 1 No